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How to Activate Split Screen Mode in Samsung Galaxy A53

Here’s how to activate split-screen mode in Samsung Galaxy A53 5G? Does Samsung Galaxy A53 have Split Screen? Split-screen multitasking can be advantageous on larger screen phones, enabling you to use two apps side by side on your device simultaneously. For example, you can watch our video and post simultaneously! So if you need to perform two apps on your device at the same time, you have to enable this feature. 

How do I Use Dual Screen on Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

How to Activate Split Screen Mode in Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Step 1: Tap the Recent apps.

Step 2: Choose the desired app icon, then choose Open in Split-screen view.

Step 3: You can see the selected app will appear in the upper half of your display.

Step 4: Navigate and choose the second app.

How do you Edit Multi Window on Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

You will see an app with a window bar line indicating that the app is activated. Tap & hold the middle of the screen and move it up or down to adjust the Window size. 

How do I Disable Split Screen on my Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

To exit the screen, press and hold the center of the screen (Horizontal line) and drag it to the top or bottom of the screen to close split-screen multitasking.

How do I Enable the Assistant Menu on Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Step 1: Go to the Settings to enable or disable Assistant Menu.

Step 2: Click on Accessibility.

Step 3: Click on Interaction and dexterity.

Step 4: Click on Assistant Menu.

Step 5: Turn on or off Assistant Menu.

Step 6: Choose the Assistant Menu items and set other options.

Have you ever used the split-screen feature in your Samsung Galaxy A53 5G? Which is your favorite Samsung Galaxy A53 5G feature? Share us in below comment box.