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How to Change Font Style and Font Size in POCO X3 Pro

Here’s we show you how to change font style and font size in POCO X3 Pro? How do you change the font size in POCO X3 Pro? The font size allows you to make the characters displayed on your POCO phone screen smaller or larger. The font size and font style feature allows its users to set their preferences on the screen through the POCO X3 Pro, POCO X3 GT, POCO X3 NFC, etc. Also, changed the icon shape on your POCO X3 Pro series using the post.

You have to customize your POCO X3 Pro but don’t know its setting, but today we will tell you about a nice feature by which you can learn to change the font size, display size, and default font style in your POCO X3 Pro.

How to Change Font Size on MIUI 12

How to Change Font Style and Font Size in POCO X3 Pro

Step 1: Go to the Settings to change the font size.

Step 2: Select the Display option on the settings list.

Step 3: Click on Text size.

Step 4: We can adjust the font size from the bottom of your phone screen. We can select small fonts on the left and large fonts on the right.

How do you Adjust Font Style on POCO X3 Pro

Step 1: Go to the Settings to change the font style.

Step 2: Type Font in the search bar.

Step 3: Scroll down and Click on Font.

Step 4: Now we will see many font styles. We can keep the font style you like by touching on Top, Selected, Style stories, New.

Step 5: We can also, Preview the font in the style you like.

Step 6: Click on the Free button.

Step 7: Taping on the free button will start downloading the chooses don’t style.

Step 8: Click on Apply.

Step 9: A pop message will display: Reboot to apply this theme.

Step 10: Click on Reboot.

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How do you Change Icons Shape on POCO X3 Pro

Step 1: Go to the Settings to change the icon shape.

Step 2: Click on Themes.

Step 3: Bottom of the screen of your device, choose Profile.

Step 4: Choose Icons from the many options.

Step 5: Choose the Icon style you like.

Step 6: Click on Apply button at the bottom of your device.

Did you use this feature in POCO X3 Pro? Would you like to know about other features of the POCO X3 Pro, Share your answer in the comment area?