How to Change Keyboard Language in Galaxy S20 FE

Here’s how to change the keyboard language in Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. By default Samsung keyboard set on your device. You need to go to Samsung keyboard settings and change the language of the keyboard. Also, add multiple languages to the keyboard to easily switch between languages on your Samsung keyboard using the space bar key. You can change keyboard layout & style like keyboard size, keyboard modes, default keyboard, send emojis, etc.

How to Change the Keyboard Languages in Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

How to Change Keyboard Language in Galaxy S20 FE  

Step 1: Pull down the notification tray at the top and tap on the “Settings gear (Cog)” icon.

Step 2: Scroll and click on “General management”.

Step 3: Touch on “Language & input”.

Step 4: Tap on “On-screen keyboard” in the keyboard section.

Step 5: Touch on “Samsung keyboard”.

Step 6: Touch on “Languages & types”.

Step 7: Tap on “Manage input languages”.

Step 8: Toggle on the “Languages” toggle you want to set.

Step 9: Open any app to access the keyboard. Here you can see the language you set.

How to Switch Between Languages on Samsung Keyboard

Apply the above-given steps to add more languages to your Samsung keyboard.

Step 1: Open the keyboard on any app and tap “< Space bar >” to switch between languages in your Samsung.

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How to Change Default Keyboard on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Settings > General management > Language & input > On-screen keyboard > Default keyboard > Choose from Samsung keyboard/Gboard

How to Change Language in Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Step 1: Go to phone “Settings”.

Step 2: Scroll down and touch “General management”.

Step 3: Click on “Language and input”.

Step 4: Touch “Language”.

Step 5: Touch “Add a Language”.

Step 6: Select the “Languages” from the list.

Step 7: Select from “Keep current” or Set as “Default”.

Do you use the by default Samsung keyboard or installed a third-party keyboard? Tell us in below comment section. Which is your favorite keyboard?

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