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How to Change the Wallpaper in Huawei P40 Pro Plus

Do you want to set custom wallpaper on your Huawei devices? Here’s how to change the wallpaper in Huawei P40 Pro/P40 Pro Plus/Mate 40 Pro. You can change the lock screen picture on Huawei P40 Pro+ from your phone gallery or default wallpapers. Also, set live wallpapers (Reduce battery life) from the default list. Set both the home screen and lock screen wallpaper as the same wallpaper in your Huawei P40 series.

How to Change the Lock Screen Picture on Huawei P40 Pro+/P40 Pro

How to Change the Wallpaper in Huawei P40 Pro Plus

Step 1: Pull down the notification tray with two fingers and touch the “Settings gear (Cog)” icon.

Step 2: Touch “Home screen & wallpaper”.

Step 3: Touch “Wallpaper”.

You need to allow accessing photos, media, and other files on your device.

Step 4: Click on “Allow”.

Step 5: Touch “More wallpapers”.

Step 6: Click on “Next”.

You can see wallpapers and live wallpapers.

Step 7: Select the “Wallpaper” you want to set.

Step 8: Adjust blur and scrollable on wallpaper if you want to change and touch the “Right arrow” icon.

Step 9: Choose “Lock screen/Home screen/Both”.

Also, changing the theme will affect the background wallpaper in your Huawei P40 Pro/P40 Pro+/Mate 40 Pro devices.

How to Change Theme on Huawei P40 Pro Plus/P40 Pro

Step 1: Go to “Phone settings”.

Step 2: Click on “Home screen & wallpaper”.

Step 3: Click on “Themes”.

Step 4: Select the “Theme” from the list.

Step 5: Click on the “Apply” button to set wallpaper.

How to Change Lock Screen Signature/Display Name on Huawei P40 Pro+

Settings > Home screen & wallpaper > Lock screen signature > Enter the text to display on the lock screen

Do you use default wallpaper or set wallpaper from your phone gallery? Tell us in below comment section.