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How to Clear App Cache on OnePlus 8T

Here’s how to clear the app cache in OnePlus 8T Oxygen OS. You can clear the cache for individual apps only on your device. When you clear the cache on OnePlus 8T, it will delete the app’s temporary data and free up storage. To clear all apps cache at once, you have to perform a wipe cache partition on OnePlus 8T. If you’re a OnePlus Smartphone facing app crashing or freezing, slow down, suddenly app stopped, and other app-related issues, you can try clear app cache & data.

How to Clear the App Cache on OnePlus 8T Oxygen OS

How to Clear App Cache on OnePlus 8T

You can clear app data and cache on your OnePlus 8T using the below-given step.

Step 1: Pull down the notification tray at the top and click on the “Settings gear (Cog)” icon.

Step 2: Touch on “Apps & notifications”.

Step 3: Touch on “See all apps”.

Lists of apps are appearing here.

Step 4: Click on “Three vertical dots (More)” on the top right side if you want to choose system apps.

Step 5: Touch on “Show system”.

Step 6: Touch the “App” from the list.

Step 7: Touch on “Storage & cache”.

Step 8: Click on “Clear cache”.

Also, clear storage if you have still faced issues after clear the cache. Clear storage will remove app data permanently from your Smartphone.

Step 9: Click on “Clear Storage”.

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How to Wipe Cache Partition OnePlus 8T

It will remove temporary data from your device. You don’t need to back up data before wipe cache data.

Step 1: Make sure “Power off” your OnePlus device.

Step 2:Long press the Power & volume down button” until view the recovery menu.

Step 3: Enter your “PIN or Password” and choose the “Language”.

Step 4: Touch on “Wipe data and cache”.

Step 5: Touch on “Wipe cache”.

Step 6: Click on “Yes”.

Step 7: Touch on “Reboot”.

Have you ever faced app related issue with your OnePlus? Which method is worked for you? Share it with us in below comment section.

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