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How to Clear App Cache on Redmi Note 10 Pro

Many Redmi Note 10 Pro users have a question, how to clear the cache after the update of MIUI 12? How to clean storage in Redmi Note 10 Pro? How to clean cache in Redmi Note 10 Pro? How to reset storage in Redmi Note 10 Pro? How to Wipe storage in Redmi Note 10 Pro? What if our phone does not have a cache clear option after the MIUI 12 update?  So, friends, we have come up with the answer to your every question, so stay tuned till the end.

By clearing the cache memory and app data in the phone, you can get rid of the hanging and slow speed in your Redmi Note 10 Pro/Redmi Note 10/Redmi Note 9 Pro/Redmi Note 9.  When you use an app, the data used in it, images, text or account, etc. are saved on your phone.  On clearing the app data, that app becomes like new.

How to Clear App Cache and Data in Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (MIUI 12)

How to Clear App Cache on Redmi Note 10 Pro

Step 1:- Open your phone and open the Settings app.

Step 2:- Scroll down slowly and click Apps.

Step 3:- Clicking on the app will show a list of the number of apps on your phone. Now click on the application in which case you want to clear.

Step 4:- Now tap the Storage.

Step 5:- After clicking on storage, click on the button named Clear cache.

Step 6:- Now tap for the application cache you want to clear.

How to Wipe Cache on Redmi Note 10 Pro/Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

Check out given different methods.

Method 1: Using the Activity Launcher App

Step 1:- To clear the cache in the Redmi Note 10 Pro phone, first, you have to go to the Play Store, and install the Activity Launcher app.

Step 2:- After downloading Activity Launcher, go to the search bar and search for Storage.

Step 3:- Find Storage and scroll down slowly.  Now you will see an icon named Storage. Click on it.

Step 4:- Now click on Cached data and press on OK.

Method 2:- Using Shortcut

Step 1:- first of all click on the Activity launcher app.

Step 2:- After clicking on Storage.

Step 3:- Long touch on storage and click on the Shortcut.

Method 3:- Using the Security Application

Step 1:- Click on the Security app.

Step 2:- Click on Cleaner.

This process will remove all cache files and junk files from the device.

Method 4:- Using Setting App

Step 1:- Enter the Setting of the terminal.

Step 2:- Here click on About phone.

Step 3:- Now click on Storage.

Step 4:- At this point, you have to click on Free up space.

If you cleared the cache to fix a mobile problem and it was not solved you can try the following:

Trick 1:- Turn off Bluetooth.

Trick 2:- Check that the terminal is not in airplane mode.

Trick 3:- Turn off the terminal and remove the sim. Put it back on and turn it on.

Trick 4:- Verify that the speaker output is clean and that nothing interferes so you can hear the sound correctly.

Trick 5:-Active safe mode.

Trick 6:- Let the terminal download completely and load it.

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