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How to Customize Status Bar on OnePlus 8T

Here’s how to customize status bar on OnePlus 8T. You can change status bar settings like battery style, enable show battery percentage, disable network speed, show date & time, and show or hide unwanted notification icons from the status bar in OnePlus 8T. To change the status bar settings in OnePlus 8T, go to display settings.

How to Customize Status Bar on OnePlus 8T Oxygen OS

How to Customize Status bar on OnePlus 8T

Step 1: Swipe down the notification tray from the top and click on the “Settings gear (Cog)” icon.

Step 2: Scroll and touch on “Display”.

Step 3: Scroll down and touch on “Status bar”.

Below given settings are available to customize your OnePlus 8T status bar.

Battery style

By default set style as battery bar in your OnePlus 8T. Choose the battery style from Battery bar/Battery Circle/Battery hidden. You can see the battery icon at the top right of the status bar.

Show battery percentage

Hidden the battery percentage in the status bar on your OnePlus. Toggle on show battery percentage to display battery percentage in OnePlus 8T status bar.

Display Network Speed

Enable disable network speed to show internet speed at the status bar on your device. Disable it if you don’t want to show speed.

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By default set time as show hours and minutes in your OnePlus. If you want to change how to show time, choose from Show hours, minutes, and seconds or Don’t show this icon.

Icon manager

You can see the icon app on the status bar when you receive a notification. By default enable or disable the app icon from different features. Just toggle on you want to show the icon on the status bar like Hotspot, Bluetooth, Do not disturb, Cellular data, Airplane mode, etc.

That’s all about how to customize status bar in OnePlus 8T. If you have any kind of question, tell us in below comment section.

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