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How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Many Samsung Galaxy A53 users have a question, how to enable Or disable Dark mode in Samsung galaxy A52 5G/Galaxy A42/Galaxy A32 5G? Why does my Samsung Galaxy A52 keep going to Light mode? Also, useful to increase the battery life of your Samsung One UI devices. You will find the answer to each of your questions if you read the entire tutorial.

Dark mode changes the background colors of your phone’s application to dark.  Enabling Dark Mode reduces your eye strain and prolongs battery life. A dark mode is a good option for those who spend a lot of time on the screen.

How do I Turn On/Off Dark Mode on my Samsung Galaxy A 52 5G

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Apply the below-given methods to enable dark mode automatically in your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G devices.

Method 1:- Using the Settings icon on the Home Screen.

Step 1:- First click on the Setting icon on the home screen.

Step 2:- Then click on Display.

Step 3:- Tap on Dark mode.

Step 4:-If you would like to set up customize your settings click on the Dark mode settings.

Turn on as scheduled: Set dark mode for sunset to sunrise or custom schedule.

Method 2:-Using the Settings icon on the Notification Panel.

Step 1:- First of all go to the Notification Panel.

Step 2:- Tap on the Settings gear icon on the top right side.

Step 3:- Then tap on Dark mode.

Method 3:- Using Only the Notification Panel.

Step 1:-Go to the Notification panel.

Step 2:- From the many options, tap on the dark mode option, this will enable it.

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How to Disable Dark Mode in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Method 1:-

Press on Settings icon > Display > Light mode.

Method 2:-

Go to the Notification panel > Click again on the dark mode you clicked on as shown in Method 3. The dark mode is off.

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