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How to Enable Safe Mode in Motorola Edge 30 Pro/Edge 30/Edge 20 Pro

Here’s how to enable safe mode in Motorola Edge 30 Pro/Edge 30/Edge 20 Pro. 

What is Safe Mode? 

It is one of the three modes (Recovery mode and Normal mode) in which non-system apps are not allowed to run. Thus, any downloaded or in-built apps are not part of the system. This enables you to determine whether the slowness of your phone is due to the system itself or other apps. 

Do you want to know how to do I put Moto Edge in safe mode? If you enter safe mode, issues like app crashing or freezing, fast battery drain, unexpected reboots, or unresponsive touch screens don’t happen. Then it means it is due to a downloaded app not a system software problem. To counter this, exit from safe mode into normal mode to restart your phone. Then one by one, starts deleting recently downloaded apps until find the app causing the problem.

How to Enable or Disable Safe Mode Motorola Edge 30 Pro

How to Enable Safe Mode in Motorola Edge 30 Pro

Step 1: Hold on to the Power key.

Step 2: Hold the Power off icon until the menu shows the reboot to safe mode.

Step 3: Then tap on OK


Step 1: Turn off the device.

Step 2: Hold on to the Power key.

Step 3: Then tap on Restart.

Step 4: When the device is restarting, press the Volume Down and the Power button at the same time.

Step 5: When the logo appears, release the Power button and continue to press the Volume down button.

How Do I Turn Off Safe Mode on Motorola Edge?

Step 1: Hold on to the Power key.

Step 2: Tap on Restart.

And that’s all. Do you use safe mode in your Motorola Edge 30 Pro? Tell us in below comment box and stay connected.