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How to Enable Split Screen in POCO X3 Pro

Today we show you how to enable split-screen in POCO X3 Pro? How do you Multitask in POCO X3/POCO X3 Pro/POCO NFC/POCO GT? With the help of the Split-Screen feature, you can use two apps at the same time on your POCO device. There is no need to minimize or close a specific app to do your job using this feature. For example, if you are watching a movie or video on the phone and your friend’s message arrives at the same time, you can use this feature to handle both. Not every app opens in split-screen mode. This tutorial has shown many ways to use split-screen mode. So stay tuned until the end.

How to Activate Split Screen Mode in Xiaomi POCO X3/POCO X3 Pro

How to Enable Split Screen in POCO X3 Pro

Step 1: Unlock your phone and go to the Setting section.

Step 2: Tap on Additional settings.

Step 3: Touch on Button shortcuts.

Step 4: Touch on Open split screen.

Step 5: Choose from the Long press the Home button/Long Press the Menu button/Long press the Back button/None.

Step 6: To manage split-screen windows, move the blackline accordingly.

How to Use Split Screen in POCO X3 Pro

Step 1: Go to the apps that you want to use, in the background by tapping on them and then exiting from them.

Step 2: Touch the square button on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Touch on Split Screen option at the left corner.

Step 4: Touch and hold the app and then drag it at the upper part of your display.

Step 5: Click on another app to create the double screen.

How do I Exit Split Screen on POCO X3 Pro

If you want to close this feature, touch on the Home button and then tap on the Exit option located at the top of the screen.

That’s it. Which apps do you use as a split-screen mode on your POCO device? Partake your answer in the comment part.