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How to Fix Black Screen of Death Issue on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Are you bothered by the black screen problem in your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G? A hardware black screen of death occurs when the system hard drive is disabled to load the master boot record. You can’t see anything even if your phone is on due to the blackening of the skin. Which makes your work impossible.

You can solve this problem by resetting the phone, removing the SD card, putting the phone in safe mode, wipe cache, factory reset the phone, turning off the dark screen.  Does this problem occur frequently on your phone?  So this tutorial is the best for you. You can use any of these solutions.

What To Do To Fix Black Screen Issue In Samsung Galaxy A52 5G?

How to Fix Black Screen of Death Issue on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Check out the below-given methods to fix Samsung A52 black screen issues.

Solution 1: Your Phone Should Be Fully Charged

In this solution to fix the black screen of death issue, you have to charge the phone full as this problem is mostly due to the drained battery. Follow this normal solution to remove the black screen of death issue. If there is no difference from this solution then go to another solution.

Solution 2: Charge The Phone With a Charging Code or Wall Charger

Charge the phone with a charging code or wall charger used for another device. If the phone does not charge with the wall charger, try charging it from the computer’s USB port. Clean the charging port using a compressed air can. So that any dirt in it is removed.

Solution 3: Remove SD Card

Remove the SD card from the phone and let it rest for a few seconds. Insert the SD card into the phone again after a while and see if the black screen of death the issue is resolved.

Solution 4: Try to Put Your Device in Safe Mode to Check Third-Party App Causing the Issue

Step 1: Long press the Power button until view the power menu in your Samsung Galaxy A52.

Step 2: Click and hold the Power off button until view the safe mode icon in the display.

Step 3: Click on Safe mode.

To exit safe mode, restart your phone.

Solution 5: Hard Reset or Factory Reset your Samsung A52 Using Hardware Buttons

When you do a hard reset or reset the mobile then all the content is deleted so you must back up your data before doing a phone reset or factory reset.

Step 1: Open the Notification Panel and press the Power button.

Step 2: Click on the Power off symbol.

Step 3: Press and hold the power button and volume up key simultaneously until view the Samsung logo.

Step 4: Click the volume down button to go to Wipe data/factory reset.

Step 5: Press the Power button.

Step 6: Press on the Volume down to go to the Factory data reset.

Step 7: Press on the power button to apply it.

Did you use this tutorial to solve the problem of the black screen of death in your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G?