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How to Fix Frozen Screen on OnePlus Nord 2

Today you will learn that how to fix the frozen screen on OnePlus Nord 2? How to fix OnePlus Nord 2 screen not working? Having your phone break down can be painful. If your device becomes unresponsive or frozen while using it, then do not panic. You can solve this query by updating software, clearing the app cache, reinstalling the app, and so on.

How to Fix OnePlus Nord 2 Screen Frozen or Unresponsive

How to Fix Frozen Screen on OnePlus Nord 2

Apply below given possible methods to fix frozen OnePlus Nord device.

Trick 1: Restart your Device

Step 1: Press and hold the power button on the device and click on Restart.

Step 2: Wait for a few moments for the OnePlus to restart the system.

Trick 2: Check for Updating your Device

Go to the Settings > System > System update > Wait a few seconds to see a screen showing the latest update > Follow the instruction to install and update.

Trick 3: Clear App Cache

Tap on Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Three vertical dots (more) > Show system > Touch on App from the list > Storage & cache > Clear cache.

Trick 4: Turn on your device in Safe Mode

Method 1:

Step 1: Touch and hold the Power button together until the power off/Restart/Emergency menu appears.

Step 2: Touch and hold the Power off.

Step 3: A pop-up message appears that reboots to safe mode.

Step 4: Touch on the OK button.

Step 5: Wait a while until the OnePlus reboots.

Step 6: You can see your smartphone into safe mode in the bottom-left corner of the home screen.

Method 2:

Step 1: Touch and hold the Power button until the power menu appears.

Step 2: Touch on the Power off button.

Step 3: Click and hold the Power key.

Step 4: Release the power key after the OnePlus logo pops up.

Step 5: Click and keep the Volume down button until the OnePlus Nord 2 is completely turned on.

Trick 5: Delete and Re-install App

Go to the App drawer > Click and hold the app > Tap on Uninstall or delete.

Reinstall App:

Step 1: Go to the Play store.

Step 2: Touch on the Search bar.

Step 3: Type the name of the required app and touch on the search icon.

Step 4: Click on the App you want to download.

Step 5: Tap on Install.

Trick 6: Wipe Cache in OnePlus Nord 2

Step 1: Switch off your device.

Step 2: Long Click and hold the Power button and Volume down button until view the recovery menu.

Step 3: Type the PIN or Password.

Step 4: Tap on the Language.

Step 5: Touch on Wipe cache.

Step 6: Touch on Yes.

Step 7: Touch on Reboot.

Trick 7: Factory Reset in OnePlus Nord 2

Step 1:Touch the Power button on your OnePlus device.

Step 2: Touch the Power button.

Step 3: Press on Power off.

Step 4: Long-touch the Power button & volume down button until the OnePlus logo appears on the screen.

Step 5: Type your PIN or Password and press on OK.

Step 6: Tap on Language.

Step 7: Select Wipe data and cache.

Step 8: Select Erase everything (Music, Picture, etc.)

Step 9: Touch on Erase all.

Step 10: Touch on Reboot.

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