How to Fix Motorola Edge 30 Pro that Won’t Turn On

Here’s how to fix Motorola Edge 30 Pro that won’t turn on. Power On issue can happen mainly due to A) Faulty update, having some error in files while installing for that you can update your system if available or factory reset B) due to a virus which came while installing an app from a third-party platform for this you can delete the app directly if possible or enter recovery mode try deleting the app from there C) due to faulty charger, clogger charging port D) due to cracked screen in which you have to contact the manufacturer. 

How to Fix Motorola Edge 30 Pro Won’t Turn Power On

How to Fix Motorola Edge 30 Pro that Won’t Turn ON

Apply below given possible solutions to fix Motorola Edge 30 Pro won’t power on.

Force Reboot Motorola Edge 30 Pro/Edge 30/Edge 20 Pro

Press & hold the Power button for around 10 seconds.


Step 1: Press the Power and volume up button simultaneously until the phone vibrates.

Step 2: When the screen appears, release the Power button.

Step 3: Then select Reboot to system.

Troubleshoot your Charging Hardware

Check your charger is working; check that cable is securely attached to the adapter. Also, use a charger on other devices. Make sure the charging port of your phone is clean without dust. 

Troubleshoot your Device Battery 

Charge your phone for an hour, then press the power button to turn it on. If there is no response, the battery is dead, or the problem lies with the screen. Call your phone from another device to check if the screen has a problem. If it rings, then there is a problem with the screen. In either case, you will need to contact the manufacturer. 

How to Enable Safe Mode on Motorola Edge 30 Pro

It will be helpful to check whether any downloaded app is causing the issue on your Motorola devices. If your device is working without issue in safe mode, it means a third-party app is causing the problem. Find that app and remove it from your phone. If you still have to face the same issue in safe mode, check for hardware or OS-related problem. Restart your device to exit safe mode on Motorola.

Step 1: Press & hold the Power key.

Step 2: Touch & hold the Power off icon.

Step 3: Touch OK to restart in safe mode.

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How to Factory Reset Motorola Edge 30 Pro without unlocking

Make sure back up your data before factory resetting your Motorola devices.

Step 1: Press the Volume down button and Power button simultaneously until the phone turns on.

Step 2: You will enter Fast boot mode. Use Volume up and Volume down to navigate and choose Recovery mode.

Step 3: Press the Power key to select that.

Step 4: When you see an Android bot, hold the Power button and press and release the Volume up button. 

Step 5: Use Volume up and Volume down as navigation keys to choose Wipe data/factory reset. 

Step 6: Press the Power button to confirm it.

Step 7: Use the Volume button to select Yes, then press the Power button.

Step 8: Then, choose Reboot system now by pressing the Power button

And that’s all. Do you know any other alternative ways to fix the power on problem on Motorola Edge 30 Pro? Please share it with us.