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How to Fix Overheating issue on Motorola Edge 30 Pro/Edge 30/Edge 20 Pro

The wild phone feels uncomfortable to hold. Here’s how to fix Motorola Edge 30 Pro overheating. Ideally, your phone temperature should be under 35 degrees celsius and should be used in an environment of 45 to -20 degrees celsius. Overheating can make your phone’s internal temperature over 45 degrees, the phone processor can’t work efficiently in a heated environment, and it may even get damaged. Let’s see methods to fix Overheating issue Motorola Edge 30 Pro/Edge 30/Edge 20 Pro?

How do I Stop my Motorola Edge 30 Pro from Overheating or Warm?

How to Fix Overheating issue on Motorola Edge 30 Pro

Apply the below-given possible solutions to fix Motorola Edge overheating issues.

Battery draining apps

Rapid battery usage and heating are correlated; the more intensive an app is, the more processor resources it will take up, which in turn uses the more battery it uses and thus more heated it gets. Therefore long gaming sessions, graphic intensive videos or apps, lots of background apps running at once, using a flashlight for a long time, using a camera for a long time, etc., can cause heating and battery drainage. Therefore monitor your battery usage.

Step 1: Settings.

Step 2: Tap on the Battery.

Step 3: Tap on Usage details.

Tone down the use of battery-intensive apps or reduce the graphics of games.

Wifi and Bluetooth

Your phone will repeatedly try to connect with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in areas with no signal. It might strain your battery and turn cause heating. Thus, turn off wifi or Bluetooth in areas of no signal.

Screen brightness

In sunlight, your screen will be automatically adjusted to the highest settings; this increased brightness and sunlight will cause phone heating. So avoid using your phone in sunlight or don’t keep your screen very bright.

Due to Charger, Cable, and Battery

A charger or cable can overheat your Motorola phone to a dangerous level and permanently damage your battery. Moreover, if you are using a charger that is old or from a different company, it means it is not optimized for charging your device and causes heating.


Motorola, like any other phone, loses heat throughout its body. If you cover its back with insulating material like silicone, rubber, plastic, or leather, then heat won’t escape properly.


If your device gets too hot, then it’s best to turn it off and let it cool. If you put your phone on a hot surface, under the sun, or inside a car in summer, your phone will heat up and get damaged. Another reason for overheating could be malware or glitchy apps. Remove those apps.

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How to Avoid Overheating in Motorola Edge 30 Pro?

● When using resource-intensive apps such as games, try to take breaks. This will allow your Motorola to cool down.

● Do not charge your phone using another company’s charger or cable; keep your phone in an open and shaded area.

● Download apps from the play store.

● Don’t use bulky cases as they won’t allow them to cool off.

● Turn off your wifi and cellular data in no signal place. 

● Update your apps regularly. New updates tend to fix existing problems.

● Do not keep your phone in direct sunlight or on a heat-generating device. 

And that’s all. Do you know alternative ways to fix an overheating problem in Motorola Edge 30 Pro? Please share with us.