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How to Fix Overheating Issue on Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro

There can be many reasons for Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro overheating. There can be many reasons like flower brightness, persistent background apps, playing games continuously or watching YouTube videos, constant use of smartphones, etc. It is normal for any electronic device to overheat normally but if overheating occurs follow the method below.

Why is My Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro Overheating

How to Fix Overheating Issue on Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro

Check out the below-given methods to fix overheating issue on your Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro/Xiaomi Mi 11X Nite LE/Xiaomi Mi 11/Xiaomi Mi 10i device.

Method 1: Avoid Overcharging Time

Avoid overcharging your Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro. This is because overcharging increases the likelihood of overheating. So, try to keep your device on a cool and smooth surface while charging.

Method 2: Lower the Screen Brightness

Step 1: Open your phone and go to the app tray and tap on Settings.

Step 2: Turn off Auto-Brightness or adaptive brightness. After that use the slider to keep the brightness as per your likeness.

Method 3: Close Unused Background Apps

Always turn off background apps, running these apps in the background makes your device warmer and consumes more battery. In addition, such applications require more memory space which slows down your device.

Method 4: Take a Break While you Play Game

Playing the game for too long is not a good thing for the temperature of your Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro.  Prolonged playing increases battery consumption and requires more memory to run.

Method 5: Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Step 1: Pull down the Notification panel and tap on Settings.

Step 2: In many options, two options called Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will appear. If you don’t need it, turn off both options.

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Method 6: Turn off Unwanted Notification

Notification of the application you have downloaded is on by default.  Insist on turning off notifications that are not needed.

Method 7: Install the Latest Update

Step 1: Slide down to open the Control panel and press on the settings icon.

Step 2: Press on System apps updater.

Step 3: Press on the MIUI version.

Step 4: Wait a few seconds and if some new updates will be available, install them.

Method 8: Change the Old Battery

If the battery of your phone is old then overheating of the phone may be the main reason so change it.

Method 9: Uninstall Unused Apps

Delete applications that you do not use so that they do not run in the background and the phone does not get hot.

Method 10: Don’t use your Device When Charging to Avoid Heating

To watch videos while your phone is charging, data should not be used to play games. Doing so warms up the phone quickly.

Which of the above method did you use to fix the overheating issue in your Xiaomi mi 11x Pro? Please comment on the comment box.