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How to Fix Redmi Note 11 Pro Won’t Turn On or Power On

How to fix Redmi Note 11 Pro won’t turn on or power on? How to fix Redmi Note 11 Pro not switching on? You turn on your Redmi device by pressing its power key. If that key won’t work, your phone isn’t necessarily broken. There are tricks to bring it back to life. Your device may not be powered on because it’s broken. Also, it can be caused by hardware damage. But, if there’s a software issue, the steps here will fix it.

What to do When Redmi Note 11 Pro Phone Does Not Turn On?

How to Fix Redmi Note 11 Pro Won't Turn On or Power On

Apply below given possible solutions to fix Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro won’t turn on.

Trick 1: Connect your Phone to the Charger

When your device is not switching on, the first thing you should do is keep your device charging for some time. Then, try to power on your device and check if it is turning ON or not.

Trick 2: Check the Battery of your Phone

If the battery is bad, your device will not work. Go to the manufacturer’s webpage to find out if the battery needs to be replaced.

Trick 3: Check the Charger Cable

Your device will not charge if the charger cable is damaged. If the device is not charged, it will not be switched on.

Trick 4: Restart your Redmi Note 11 Pro

Step 1: Touch and hold your device’s Power button.

Step 2: You’ll then see an options menu from which you can choose Restart.

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Trick 5: Reboot your Phone in Safe Mode

Step 1: Long-touch on the Power button and power off your Redmi device.

Step 2: Touch the Power + Volume button simultaneously a few times.

Step 3: When the Xiaomi logo appears, release the powers key and continue to tap the volume up button until the menu appears on the screen.

Step 4: Use the Volume down and volume up keys to select the Safe mode option.

Step 5: Your device will restart, and you will see a safe mode watermark at the bottom of the screen.

Trick 6: Hard Reset your Redmi Note 11 Pro using Power & Volume Keys

Step 1: Press the Power button to switch off your Redmi Device for a few seconds.

Step 2: Touch and hold the volume up and Power button for a few moments.

Step 3: If you see the Redmi logo on the screen, release the Power button.

Step 4: Release Volume up button when the Main menu appears.

Step 5: Select Wipe data using the Volume key to scroll down and the Power key to accept it.

Step 6: Choose the Wipe all data and then choose Confirm option.

Step 7: Go to the Back to Main Menu option and select the Reboot option.

Step 8: Then, choose the Reboot to system option.

End the list of possible solutions to fix Redmi Note 11 Pro Won’t Turn On or Power On, and share your answer in the comment box.