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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Not Charging

If your Samsung Galaxy A52 5g is not charging properly then the steps for its prevention in this tutorial are shown in this post. There can be many reasons why the Samsung A52 won’t charge. If you want the answer to every question, read the whole post carefully and follow it.

There are many reasons why the phone does not charge, such as using an unofficial charger, charging cable damage, the phone gets too hot, the phone’s charging court gets littered, the phone’s charging court gets flooded, and the software does not update. You try one solution after another to get rid of this problem.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Not Charging

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Not Charging

Apply below given possible ways to fix charging issue on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G.

Solution 1: Use Official Charger

Most phone chargers and cables look alike but there is a difference between their quality and charging speed.  Experts always recommend using an official charging cable.  Because these are made for your device only.  Which are designed to extend the battery life of your phone. Using a non-official charger can damage your phone. An optional charger operates at a different voltage than your official charger so make sure your phone’s charger is not duplicated.

Solution 2: Check that there is no damage to the Phone’s Charger Cable

Check that there is no damage to the charger cable of your phone. If any damage is seen in it, stop using it immediately.

Solution 3: Use Separate Cables and Plugs

Problems can often occur even if there is no damage to the cable or plug in your phone’s charger.  Try using different cables and plugs to fix this problem.  Use your phone’s cable or plug to charge a separate device to check if it works.

Solution 4: Use a Different Power Source

Try connecting your phone’s cable or plug to a different power source.  For example, connect a charger to a power socket instead of a laptop or computer.

Solution 5: Restart your Phone

Step 1: Open the Notification panel and click on the power button.

Step 2: Click on Restart.

Step 3: Click again Restart to Reboot your phone.

Solution 6: Don’t let your Phone Get too Hot

If your phone gets too hot, it reduces the performance and charging capacity of the phone. There can be many reasons for the phone to get hot.  Is.  Insist on closing applications that are open in the background.  Avoid using your phone in hot weather.

Solution 7: Clean the Phone’s Charging Port

Your phone’s charging port will not charge even if there is dust or any other dirt. Blow gently or use a dry brush to clean the phone’s charging port.

Solution 8: Check that there is no Water in the Charging Port of your Phone

Your phone will not charge if there is water in your phone’s charging port.  If there is water in the charging port, a water drop icon will appear on the screen above the charging port. When the water drop icon appears, your phone will be switched off.

Solution 9: Update Your Software

Step 1: Click on the Settings.

Step 2: Click on the Software Update.

Step 3: Click on the Download and Install to download install the update.

Solution 10: Run your Phone in Safe Mode

Step 1: Long press the power button until the power menu appears.

Step 2: Click on the Power off.

Step 3: Click and hold the power button until the safe mode icon appears.

Step 4: Click on Safe Mode.

Step 5: You will see the safe mode icon in the bottom left corner of the phone screen.

Solution 11: Replace the Battery

If your phone loses charge quickly, the phone does not charge, it takes a long time to charge, then your phone’s battery needs to be replaced.

Did you solve the problem of not charging in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G using this tutorial?