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How to Fix Unresponsive Touchscreen in POCO X3 Pro

Here’s how to fix an unresponsive touchscreen in POCO X3 Pro? Are you unable to use your device due to the touch screen problem? I know how irritating this situation is when you try to access your data but disable to use it because your phone’s touch screen is not working. No matter whatever the reason behind it you can easily fix this problem. Here, I have shared some easy solutions on how to fix the touch screen not working problems on POCO X3/POCO X3 Pro/POCO X3 NFC/POCO X3 GT.

How to Fix POCO X3 Pro Touch is Not Working Issues

How to Fix Unresponsive Touchscreen in POCO X3 Pro

Check the below given possible ways to fix the touch screen problem on POCO X3 Pro.

Solution 1: Try to Boot into Safe Mode to check Downloaded App Causing the Problem

Step 1: Touch and hold the Power key to enable safe mode.

Step 2: Click on Reboot and touch on the Reboot option.

Step 3: After a few moments you can see the POCO logo on the screen.

Step 4: When the MIUI logo displays the screen touch and hold the column down button until view the safe mode icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Step 5: Unlock your phone and you can see remove all third-party apps.

Step 6: Now, check your device facing any problems. If your POCO device working perfectly in safe mode, it means any downloaded app causing the issue in your POCO phone. If you found the problem in safe mode, you need to check for hardware or OS-related issues.

Solution 2: Reboot your Device

Step 1: Power off your phone.

Step 2: Click and hold the Power+ volume up buttons at the same time. Next, release the power key first when you see the Mi logo.

Solution 3: Factory Reset or Hard Reset using Power & Volume button

Make sure to backup your important data before performing a hard reset on your POCO X3 Pro. It will delete all your POCO device data. Click here to view step by step process to reset your Xiaomi POCO device.

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