How to Fix Unresponsive Touchscreen Issue in Motorola Edge 30 Pro

Here’s how to fix unresponsive touchscreen issue in Motorola Edge 30 Pro, Edge 30, Edge 20 Pro, and Edge 20. After some time, your touchscreen may show unresponsiveness, lagging, and freeze. This can happen due to both software and hardware issues. Overloaded RAM can be one of the software reasons why your touchscreen is glitching. To solve this, try to remove the cache of your phone. This will free up RAM. Other software reasons include background apps, which consume most of the processor resources. Closing these applications will also help. Hardware issues include deadzone, broken screen, due to dirt as mineral accumulation on-screen will disturb signaling or broken screen. Thus, you will have to contact the manufacturer in case of these hardware issues.

How do I Fix my Motorola Touch Screen Not Working?

How to Fix Unresponsive Touchscreen Issue in Motorola Edge 30 Pro

Apply below given possible solutions to fix touch screen not working on Motorola Edge devices.

Reboot your Motorola Edge 30 Pro

Hold the power key for 10-20 seconds.

How to Enable Safe Mode on Motorola Edge 30 Pro

Step 1: Press & hold the Power button.

Step 2: Tap & hold the Power Off icon.

Step 3: Touch OK to restart in safe mode.

Entering safe mode will allow you to determine whether it is due to hardware or application. 

Remove Screen Protector

Your touch screen might be unresponsive due to decreased sensitivity due to extra thickness due to the screen protector. Removing the screen protector will make your screen more touch responsive. 

Update your Software

If your device has a software bug, updating your system software will resolve that.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Tap on Software update.

Step 3: Tap on Download and install.

Test your Display

You can test your display by downloading an app Display tester, and this app will allow you to test dead zones on your screen.

Step 1: Download the app Display tester.

Step 2: Open Display tester.

Step 3: Tap on Tests.

Step 4: Select Touch screen test.

Step 5: Then try to make all red squares green.

Squares that can’t become green are dead zones. This indicates hardware problems.

How do you Calibration Touch Screen?

Step 1: Download and install the Touchscreen Calibration app from the Google Play store.

Step 2: Open Touchscreen Calibration.

Step 3: Tap on Calibrate.

Step 4: Then, perform screen gestures as instructed.

Step 5: Then Restart your phone.

This method can resolve touchscreen issues due to buggy software updates.

If none of the above-given methods worked for you, factory reset your Motorola Edge 30 Pro device. Back up and restore your data before formatting your phone.

And that’s all. Do you know any other alternative ways to fix unresponsive touchscreen issue on Motorola Edge 30 Pro? Please share with us in the below box and stay connected.