How to Fix WiFi Not Working on Redmi Note 11 Pro

Today we show you how to fix Wi-Fi not working on Redmi Note 11 Pro? Many Redmi Note 11 Pro users are facing the issue that their phone’s Wi-Fi is not working correctly, Wi-Fi disconnects automatically. Then it connects automatically in a few moments. Wi-Fi is a networking technology that gives you wireless internet by using radio waves. Wi-Fi hotspot is an option to share your phone’s data with others. You can connect your phone, computer, tablets, and other smartphones with a Wi-Fi hotspot and enjoy the internet.

Why won’t my Redmi Note 11 Pro Connect to Wi-Fi?

How to Fix WiFi Not Working on Redmi Note 11 Pro

Apply below given possible methods to fix WiFi issue on Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro.

Solution 1: Check if the Wi-Fi switch is on

Step 1: Pull down the Notification panel.

Step 2: Check if the Wi-Fi option is turned on. If that option is turned off, turn it’s on by turning it on.

Solution 2: Turn Wi-Fi On and Off

Step 1: Swipe down the Notification panel to turn Wi-Fi on and off.

Step 2: Turn on the Wi-Fi option and then turn it off. Connections are processed until Wi-Fi is enabled.

Solution 3: Forget and again Reconnecting to the Wi-Fi

Step 1: Forget all Wi-Fi connections.

Step 2: Tap on the Settings app.

Step 3: Click on Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Click on Wi-Fi Assistant.

Step 5: Click on Select Best Network automatically.

Step 6: Turn on Select the best network automatically and Enable prompt option.

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Solution 4: Using Airplane Mode

Step 1: Pull down the Control Panel to enable or disable airplane mode.

Step 2: Click on Airplane mode to turn on or off.

Solution 5: Restart your Redmi Note 11 Pro

Step 1: Click and hold your device’s Power button.

Step 2: You’ll then see an options menu from which you can select Restart.

If you have any queries about fixing Wi-Fi not working on Redmi Note 11 Pro, please tell us in the comment box below.