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How to Lock Apps in Xiaomi 12S Ultra/12S Pro/12S

Here’s how to lock apps in Xiaomi 12S Ultra/12S Pro/12S. You might want to use a lock code or pattern to restrict unauthorized access to any app you consider private. You can easily install a third-party app from the play store or use Xiaomi’s built-in app lock feature. This feature allows you to set patterns, passcodes, passwords, and fingerprints as keys to unlock apps. Do you want to know? How do I lock apps on my Xiaomi phone?

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How do I Lock Apps on MIUI 13?

How to Lock Apps in Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Step 1: Open Security

Step 2: Scroll and open the App lock.

Step 3: Set up Password and Fingerprint for verification.

Step 4: Select some Apps.

Step 5: Tap on Use app lock.

Step 6Verify your finger lock.

Step 7: Select apps that were not an option before.

Step 8: Exit. 

 How to Lock Apps using AppLock in Xiaomi MIUI

Step 1: Download AppLock from the Google Play store.

Step 2: open AppLock.

Step 3: Set and confirm the lock’s password or pattern.

Step 4: Tap on “Agree and start.

Step 5: scroll and select the desired app to lock from the privacy section and tap on it.

Step 6: click on the 1st permit option when the permission required screen pops up.

Step 7: It will take you to usage data access. Please enable it for AppLock.

Step 8: Next, select the second permit option.

Step 9: It will take you to appear on top. Please enable it for AppLock.

How to Hide Apps in Xiaomi Mi

Step 1: Open the Settings.

Step 2: Tap on Apps.

Step 3: Select the App lock.

Step 4: Tap on Hidden apps.

Step 5: Then toggle ON the apps you want to hide.

Frequently Asked Question:

Can you Put a Password on Apps?

Yes, you can. You can put passwords, codes, and patterns with an in-built app lock. You can also add a fingerprint to it; while it will require a password to lock the app, after setting the fingerprint, you can unlock it easily.

How can I Lock my Instagram?

You can lock individual apps on your Xiaomi Mi devices. To lock Instagram app, go to Security > App lock > Set password > Use app lock > Select Instagram.

And that’s it. And that’s all. Do you know any other alternative ways to lock apps? Please share it with us in the comment box.