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How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy A71

Here’s how to perform reset network settings on Samsung A71, and A70. When you resetting your Galaxy A71 (5G) network settings, it will reset all saved network settings including Wi-Fi networks, mobile data, and connected Bluetooth connections. You can fix the WiFi issue, Bluetooth won’t pair, Internet not working on Samsung, and other network issues on your Samsung devices.

How to Reset Network Settings Samsung A71 5G and A70

How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy A71

Step 1: Swipe down the notification tray from the top and click the “Settings gear” icon.

Step 2: Scroll down and click the “General management”.

Step 3: Click the “Reset” button.

Step 4: Click the “Reset network settings”.

Step 5: Click “Reset settings”.

Step 6: Unlock your Samsung and tap on “Next”.

This message view: All network settings will be reset.

Step 7: Click the “Reset” button.

Now remove all your saved network settings in your Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. You need to enter a WiFi password or pair it with Bluetooth devices again to use it.

How to Create a Mobile Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Step 1: Go to “Phone settings“.

Step 2: Touch the “Connections”.

Step 3: Touch on “Mobile hotspot and Tethering”.

Step 4: Toggle on “Mobile hotspot”.

Step 5: Click on “OK”.

Step 6: Touch the “Mobile hotspot”.

Step 7: Touch the “Network name”.

Step 8: Enter the network name and click on “Save”.

Step 9: Touch the “Password”.

Step 10: Enter the password and click on “Save”.

Have you ever faced network related issues in your Samsung devices? If you have any questions, tell us in below comment box.