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How to Set Default Apps in Android 11

Here’s how to set or change default apps in Android 11. You can clear or remove default apps from Android 11 using apps & notifications settings. Set the default camera app, browser app, home app, music app, calendar app, SMS app, Assistant app, Caller ID & spam, etc. Download the third-party apps from the play store and set as default Android 11 apps.

How to Change Default Apps in Android 11 Stock OS

To change open with default app, apply below-given step by step settings.

Step 1: Pull down the notification panel twice at the top and touch the “Settings gear (Cog)” icon.

Apps and notifications settings Android 11 stock OS

Step 2: Touch on “Apps & notifications”.

Advanced settings to set default Apps Android 11

Step 3: Touch “Advanced”.

Android 11 default apps settings

Step 4: Touch on “Default apps”.

A list of default apps is a view in your stock Android 11 OS.

How to Change Default Apps in Android 11

Step 5: Touch the “App” you want to change.

How to Set Default Apps in Android 11

Step 6: Select from the list.

Restart your phone to apply changes. You can anytime set the system default app again.

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How to Reset or Clear Default Apps Android 11

Step 1: Go to “phone settings”.

Step 2: Click on “Apps & notifications”.

See all apps list in Android 11 to clear default app

Step 3: Click on “See all apps”.

Step 4: Select the “App” from the list.

Note: Not all apps supported clear default settings.

Remove default apps in Android 11 using advanced setting

Step 5: Click on “Advanced”.

Change open with default app Android 11

Step 6: Click on “Open by default”.

Clear Default App Android 11

Step 7: Click on the “Clear defaults” button.

Do you use a third-party app as the default apps in your Stock Android or Samsung Galaxy? Tell us in below comment box.

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