How to Set Ringtone in Redmi Note 10 Pro

If you have a new Redmi Note 10 Pro mobile and you have a question on how to set a ringtone then we have come up with a solution to your questions. You can set a song as a ringtone or change the ringtone on Redmi Note 10 Pro anytime using this tutorial. Many Redmi device users have questioned that how to set a different ringtone for different contacts in Redmi Note 10 Pro/Note 10 Pro Max/Redmi Note 9 Pro/Redmi Note 9. So stay tuned. Here you will find the answer to your every question.

How to Set Phone Ringtone in Redmi Note 10 Pro

How to Set Ringtone in Redmi Note 10 Pro

Step 1:- To change the ringtone, first you have to go to the Setting.

Step 2:- After opening the Settings, scroll down slowly.  Then click on Sound & Vibration.

Step 3:- You will see some interface as soon as you click on Sound and Vibration.  From there you can set ringtone, alarm, event, notification tone.

Step 4:- To change the ringtone, first click on the Ringtone. Here you will find many options from online to offline.

Step 5:- There are two options given:

  • Choose a local ringtone.
  • Dynamic ringtone.

If You Click on Choose Local Ringtone

By clicking on Choose Local Ringtone, you can create a ringtone from a song in the recorder, file manager, music.

Step 1:- Select the song you want to select from Recorder, File Manager, Music Message, and click on OK.

Step 2:- After clicking OK, your song will be added to the ringtone.

Step 3:- Once the ringtone is added, click on Apply.

Step 4:- Then the option of SIM 1 and SIM 2 will be available.  Click on whichever you want to put this ringtone in SIM 1 and SIM 2.

If You Click on Dynamic Ringtone

You can set the number of system ringtones given inside this phone by clicking on Dynamic ringtone.

Step 1:- First of all, you have to choose the SIM card.

Step 2:- After that go to AllRingtones.

Step 3:- Then slowly scrolling down came down. There will be many system ringtones given here.

Step 4:- To set one of these, double click on it, and that ringtone will be set.

To Set Ringtone Online

If you want to set ringtone online then come back.  You can set by searching online songs on the search bar. Here you will find ringtones of Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, and many other languages.

Step 1:- Now search ringtone and click on that song and click on the bell icon.

Step 2:- Now you will get two options of SIM 1 and SIM 2.  Click on the SIM in which you want to keep the ringtone.

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How to Set Different Ringtone for Different Contacts in Redmi Note 10 Pro/Redmi Note 10/Redmi Note 9 Pro

We will show you how to set a person ringtone on your Redmi Android mobile?  This trick works for almost all devices only if you have an MIUI 11 and upper version update.

Step 1:- First of all Open your contact application on your device and then choose any one of the content which means that which person contact ringtone you want to change it.

Step 2:- Select one of the people. But this method only works if you save the contents in your phone storage. This means that if you save the contents in your sim card storage this method is not working.

Step 3:-Then move your contacts from sim card to phone storage and then try to open one of the contacts.

Step 4:- Press on the Default ringtone option.

Step 5:- You can show some default ringtones. You can choose any one of them. If you want to set a custom ringtone just press on Choose local ringtone.

Step 6:- Then select on file manager. So once you discover your favorite ringtone.

Step 7:- Now, click on OK.

Step 8:- Go to the back and you can see that person’s default ringtone is changed to a new one.

In the same way, you can customize each contact person’s ringtones one by one.

How to Change WhatsApp Ringtone in Redmi Note 10 Pro

Settings > Apps > Manage apps > WhatsApp > Notifications > Additional settings in the app > Ringtone > Select the ringtone > OK

So, friends, I hope this has been very helpful for you. Have any other queries regarding this topic? Which is your favorite Redmi not 10 pro feature? Tell us in below comment section.