How to Set Ringtone in Samsung Galaxy A53

Are you getting bored by listening to the default ringtone of your Samsung phone whenever it rings, or a notification comes, and you want to try something new and exciting? You want to make a song as a Ringtone or Notification Sound on your Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, Samsung Galaxy A73 5G, Samsung A33, Samsung A52s 5G, and other Samsung A series. It’s helpful to know how to set ringtone in Samsung Galaxy A53 5G? How do you put a song as my ringtone on Samsung Galaxy A53 5G? The steps to change the ringtone are pretty simple and are given below.

How do I Change the Ringtone on my Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

How to Set Ringtone in Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Step 1: Go to the Settings to set a ringtone.

Step 2: Go to the Sound and Vibration option.

Step 3: Tap on the Ringtone.

If you are using dual SIM cards, you can select different ringtones for SIM 1 and SIM 2.

Step 4: Select the ringtone from the list or tap on the + icon at the top right corner to set a custom ringtone.

If you tap on the plus icon for the first time, you will have the option to allow the sound picker. Tap on the allows button. 

Step 5: If you have a tap on the plus icon, set your favorite ringtone to and Tap on Done.

How do I Set a Group Ringtone for a Contact on Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, A73 5G

Step 1: Go to the Contacts app.

Step 2: Touch the Three horizontal lines (menu).

Step 3: Select a Group.

Step 4: Click on the Edit icon.

Step 5: Click on Group ringtone.

Step 6: Choose a Ringtone.

Step 7: Go back and tap on Save.

How do I Set a Notification Sound on my Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Step 1: Go to the Settings section to set the notification sound.

Step 2: Touch on Sounds and Vibration.

Step 3: Touch on Notification sound.

Step 4: Choose the preferred notification sound. Make sure that a blue dot is present on that selected sound.

How to Change System Sound Theme on Galaxy A53 5G

Step 1: Go to Settings to change the system sound theme.

Step 2: Tap on the Sounds & vibrations option.

Step 3: Click on System to sound the theme.

Step 4: Select the Sound theme you want to set.

Do you use it as the default ringtone or your favorite song as a ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy A53 5G? Tell us in the comment box.