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How to Set Up Face Unlock in OnePlus 8T

Here’s how to set up face unlock in OnePlus 8T Oxygen OS. You can enable face unlock in OnePlus 8T to unlock your phone using face recognition. Also, unlock your phone with your face as soon as the screen turns on without swiping first. You can temporarily disable face unlock or remove face data if you don’t want to use this biometric security. Other lock screen security options are fingerprint scanner, PIN, Password, Pattern lock, etc.

How to Set Up and Use Facial Recognition on OnePlus 8T Oxygen OS

How to Set Up Face Unlock in OnePlus 8T

Step 1: Pull down the Notification panel from the top and touch on the “Settings (Cog)” icon.

Step 2: Scroll and touch on “Security & lock screen”.

Step 3: Touch on “Face unlock” under the device security section.

Step 4: Click on “Add face data”.

You need to set up a screen lock if asking.

Step 5: Touch on “Next”.

Step 6: Position your face within the circle displayed on the screen until you complete the process.

Step 7: Lock your phone and use face to unlock your phone.

How to Customize Face Unlock on OnePlus 8T Oxygen OS

Face unlock settings includes “auto-unlock once the screen is on” and “face unlock assistive lighting” faster recognition.

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How to Disable Face Unlock on OnePlus 8T

You can enable or disable face unlock to temporarily turn off facial recognition. To use face unlock, toggle on it again.

Settings > Security & lock screen > Face unlock > Toggle off Face unlock under the face unlock section

How to Delete Face Data on OnePlus 8T

It will remove your face recognition security set up from your OnePlus. To use face unlock, you need to set up it again on your device.

Settings > Security & lock screen > Face unlock > Remove face data > Remove

Which lock screen security do you use in your OnePlus 8T Oxygen OS? Tell us in below comment box.

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