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How to Set Up Facial Recognition in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Do you have a question about how to set up facial recognition in Samsung Galaxy a52 5g? Many new Samsung Galaxy users have question that facial recognition does not work on their phones there are many reasons but one of the main reasons is that people do not only register their faces. Protect your information over the phone.

Facial recognition is a way of recognizing the face. This method uses biometrics to map facial features from photographs or videos. It compares the information with a database of registered faces. It is mostly used for security or law enforcement but now it is also being used in other fields like a smartphone.

How to Add Face Unlock on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

How to Set Up Facial Recognition in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Step 1: Open your phone and select the Settings app.

Step 2: Click on the Biometrics and Security.

Step 3: Click on the Face Recognition.

Step 4: After that press the Continue button.

Step 5: After that, you need to set a secure screen lock for example Pattern.

Step 6: Draw a pattern according to your opinion. Click on the continue.

Step 7: Then again draw the pattern that was drawn for the first time. Click on the confirm.

Step 7: Now click on the continue.

Step 8: Register the face recognition function.

Step 9: Click on the Done.

How to Use Face Recognition Management in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Click on the Settings > Biometric and Security > Face Recognition.

Clicking on face recognition will show several options which are as follows.

  • Remove Face Data: Remove existing faces.
  • Add Alternative look: Enhance face recognition by adding a different appearance.
  • Face Unlock: Turn on or turn off recognition security.
  • Stay On lock Screen Until Swipe: When you unlock your device with face recognition, stay on the Lock screen until you swipe the screen.
  • Faster Recognition: Enable for faster face recognition. Disable or turn off or cancel to increase security and make it harder to unlock using an image or video of your likeness.
  • Require Open Eyes: Facial recognition will only recognize your face when your eyes are open.
  • Brighten Screen: Increase the screen brightness temporarily so that your face can be recognized in dark conditions.
  • About Unlocking With Biometrics: Learn additional information about securing your device with biometrics.

Tips for Facial Recognition for Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Often there is a problem with face recognition. Which is pretty normal but you don’t know.  Whose tips are as follows.

Tips 1: Glasses, hats, masks, makeup, bags, beards can affect this process.  Ignore this thing.

Tips 2: Sit in an illuminated area for facial recognition and also keep the camera lens clean.

Tips 3: This process is more insecure than pattern, fingerprint, PIN. A person who looks like you, like twins, can unlock your phone.

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How to Fix Face Recognition is Not Working in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Apply the below-given tricks to fix face unlock not working on Samsung A52 5G.

Selfie camera should not be blocked

A selfie camera is used for face recognition.  People who use screen guards face this problem.  This is because low-quality screen guards partially block the camera.

Register a face

Many people have a question that the face recognition in their phone is not working at all.  This is a misunderstanding because Samsung does not do mobile face recognition manually. The face for that we have to register ourselves.

Update Your Software

Step 1: Press on the Settings.

Step 2: Press on the Software Update.

Step 3: Press on the Download and Install to download install the update.

Restart the Phone

Step 1: Click and hold the side button and volume down key together until the power menu appear.

Step 2: After Power Menu appears, click on the Power Off button.

Did you use the facial recognition option on your phone after reading this tutorial? Please comment on the comment box.