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How to Turn On Battery Saver Mode in Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Do you want to extend battery life in your Xiaomi Mi 10T series? Here’s how to turn on battery saver mode in Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro/Mi 10T Pro Plus/Mi 10T/Mi 11 Ultra. When enabling battery saver, it will monitor background processes and turn off sync. Also, activate restrictions for system apps activity, freeze apps in the background, clear cache whenever the device is locked, and more. You can enable ultra battery saver or power saving mode on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro/Mi 10T Pro+/Mi Note 10/9, etc.

How to Activate Battery Saver in Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Plus

How to Turn On Battery Saver Mode in Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

You can increase battery life or fix the battery draining issue on Xiaomi Mi device to enable battery saver mode (Power saving mode).

Step 1: Swipe down the notification tray at the top and click on the “Settings gear” icon.

Step 2: Scroll and touch “Battery & performance”.

You can see battery saver and ultra battery saver mode here. By default turned off both. Also, check individually app usage battery in your Xiaomi Mi devices.

Step 3: Toggle on “Battery saver”.

Step 4: Click on the “Settings” icon at the top right corner.

Step 5: Touch “Battery saver” under the battery saver section.

Below given the battery saver settings available on your device.

Don’t wake screen for notifications: Enable this option. It will work when the battery saver is on.

Turn off when charged: Automatically turn off when a battery is 60% or fully charged.

Schedule time to switch between modes: Enable it to set a schedule in your device.

Alternative Way: Pull down the notification tray > Touch battery saver

How to Enable Ultra Battery Saver on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

It will restrict most power-consuming features. When turning on ultra battery saver mode in your Xiaomi or Redmi, it will activate the dark theme, restrict background activity, decreasing screen brightness, and restrict power-consuming activity like Always-on-display, GPS, Auto-sync, etc.).

Step 1: Swipe down the notification tray with two fingers and “long press Ultra battery saver” in quick settings tiles.

Step 2: Touch on “Ultra battery saver” under the battery saver section.

Step 3: Toggle on “Ultra battery saver”.

It will turn off ultra battery saver mode automatically when the battery is 50% charged.

Do you use battery saver mode on your Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro+? Tell us in below comment section.