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How to Turn on Gesture Navigation on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Many Samsung Galaxy A52 5G users have questions, How to Turn on Gesture Navigation on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G/Samsung A42/ Samsung A32 5G? How do I activate Gesture Navigation? Does Samsung have gesture control? Don’t worry, after reading all the posts, you will find the answer to your every question.

With the Gesture Navigation System users can navigate back (Left/right edge swipe), to the home screen (Swipe up from the bottom), and trigger the device assistant (Swipe in from the bottom corners) with gestures rather than buttons.

How do I Activate Gesture Navigation in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G?

How to Turn on Gesture Navigation on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Step 1:- Open the phone and go to the Settings.

Step 2:- Click on Display.

Step 3:- Scroll down slowly and click on the Navigation bar.

You will now see two options: Buttons and Swipe gestures.

  • If you choose Buttons

Click on the Buttons to enable a button-based navigation bar (3-button navigation bar). Also, change navigation bar buttons order (Back & Recent apps) in your Samsung One UI device.

  • If you choose the Swipe gesture

After clicking on the swipe gesture click on the More option.

Doing so shows you two options: Swipe from the bottom and Swipe from sides and bottom.

  • If you choose Swipe bottom

Swipe up from each area of the bottom of your phone to go back, go to the homes screen or view recent apps.

  • If you choose Swipe from sides and bottom

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go to the home screen or lock screen.

If you swipe up and hold, you can view your new apps.

To go back swing inward from either side of the screen.

To open your device assistance app, swing inward from one of the bottom corners.

Gesture hints:- Click on the gesture hints to display the line at the bottom of the screen.

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How to Turn Motion and Gesture On/Off in Samsung A52 5G/A42/A32 5G

Step 1:- Press on Settings App.

Step 2:-Scroll down slowly and click on Advanced features.

Step 3:- Now click on Motion and gestures.

After doing so you will see a lot of options:

Life to wake:- Turn on the screen when you pick up your phone.

Double-tap to turn on screen:- Turn on the screen when you double press it.

Double-tap to turn off screen:- Double-tapa space on the home screen or Double tap on the lock screen

Keep Screen on Double-tapping:-

Keep the Screen on while you are looking at it, using the front camera to detect your face.

Double-phone picked up:-

Alert when the phone will vibrate when you pick it up after missing a call or message.

Mute with a gesture:-

Silent incoming calls and alarms by putting your hand over the screen or turning your phone face down.

Palm swipe to capture:-

Swing the edge of your hand across the screen to take a screenshot.

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