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How to Use App Lock in Redmi Note 10 Pro

Many Redmi Note 10 Pro users have questions on how to use App lock. We have the answer to your question, so stay tuned until the end. You can lock apps to hide your important data or document from other people when you give them to your Smartphone. Also, use third-party apps to lock or hide apps in your Xiaomi Redmi devices.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. It will be with us as long as we live. From our smallest item (file, photo) to bank details are stored in a Smartphone. All these things need to be protected from hackers. For this, our phone has an app lock that protects all our information. Let see the steps to lock apps in Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro/Redmi Note 10/Redmi Note 9 Pro.

How to Lock Apps in Redmi Note 10 Pro

How to Use App Lock in Redmi Note 10 Pro

Step 1: First of all go to your “Phone’s settings”.

Step 2: Now, touch on the “App” section.

Step 3: Click on “App lock”.

Step 4: If you want to keep face lock in the app, click on use face unlock, and if you do not want, click on cancel.

Step 5: Then enable the one you want to keep the app locked in.

Step 6: Open the app and you need to unlock it using screen lock security to access the app.

How to Unlock App in Redmi Note 10 Pro

If you want to deactivate the app lock, follow the steps and turn off the switch that was on.

Step 1: Pull down the notification panel at the top and touch on the “Settings gear (Cog)” icon.

Step 2: Touch on “Apps”.

Step 3: Touch on “App lock”.

Step 4:Toggle off” button to unlock the app.

Do you use by default app lock or third-party apps to lock apps in your Xiaomi Redmi Note 10? Share a third-party app with us if you found them helpful. If you have any queries regarding this topic, please comment in the comments section below.