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How to Use Dual Messenger in Samsung Galaxy A71

Do you want to use dual WhatsApp or Instagram on your Samsung Galaxy devices? Here’s how to enable and use dual messenger on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, A70, A51, A50, A41, A40, A31, and A30. When enabling dual messenger (Clone App) in your Samsung A71, you can use two social media accounts of the same apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other supported apps. You can anytime close a second account to disable dual apps in your galaxy A71 device.

How to Enable Dual Messenger (Dual Apps) on Samsung A71 5G

How to Use Dual Messenger in Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Step 1: Pull down the notification tray at the top and touch on the “Settings gear (Cog)” icon.

Step 2: Scroll down and touch on “Advanced features”.

Step 3: Scroll down and touch on “Dual messenger”.

You can see the list of apps supported with the dual messenger features that are currently installed in your Samsung device.

Step 4: Toggle on the button to use dual apps in your Samsung.

This pop-up message view on the screen: Install second app???

Step 5: Touch on “Install”.

Step 6: Touch “Confirm”.

Here, you can add contacts you want to use in the second app, toggle on the button and click on Next.

Step 7: Now, Activate Clone apps on Samsung A71. You can see install same social media app on your device.

Step 8: Go to the app drawer and touch on the second installed app and sign in it to use.

You can enjoy dual apps in your Samsung galaxy A71 and other devices. If you don’t want to use a second account, you’ll delete it using the below settings.

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How to Disable Dual App on Samsung A71 5G

Step 1: Follow the above-given method steps 1 to 3.

Step 2:Toggle off” App button you want to remove a second account.

This message display: Uninstall second app?

Step 3: Click on “Uninstall”.

All data of the clone app will be deleted. You’ll still be able to use the main account in your galaxy A71.

Do you use the dual messenger feature in your Samsung device to enjoy more than one account of the same app? Which is your favorite galaxy A71 feature? Tell us in below comment section.