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How to Use Split Screen Mode in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Many Samsung Galaxy A52 5G users have questions, How to use Split Screen Mode in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G/Galaxy A42/Galaxy A32 5G? If you want an answer to this question, stay tuned.

You can use a split screen when you want to use two apps at once. Using a split screen can quickly drain your phone’s battery. A split-screen displays two different objects on a mobile or computer screen in different parts.

How to Turn on Multi-Window in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G?

How to Use Split Screen Mode in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Step 1: Click on the Recent apps key.

Step 2: Click on the desired app icon, then press on Open in the split-screen view.

Step 3: Swipe to find the other app that you want to view and click on the Second app.

Step 4: Click on the app. you will then see both apps in Split Screen.

How to Change the Size of the Windows?

Step 1: Click and hold the line between the windows.

Step 2: Drag the line in both directions then drop the line where you want to split.

How to Open the App in Full Screen?

When you use a split-screen, a blue line dividing the two apps will appear.

Click and drag the divider in the middle of the screen down to the bottom or up to the top of the screen, depending on which app you want to open completely.

How to Leave a Split-Screen View?

When in a split-screen view, long press on the middle of the line and drag it to the top or bottom of the screen.

How to Open an App in a Picture-in-Picture Window?

Before you follow the steps below, make sure that the application you want to see in the window is already open.

Step 1: On any screen, click on the Menu button.

Step 2: Swipe to find the App in which you want to see the picture-in-picture window.

Step 3: Click on the App Menu.

Step 4: Click on the Open in the pop-up view.

How to Minimize a Picture-in-Picture window?

Step 1: While viewing an app in Picture-in-Picture mode, click on the minimize icon.

If you want to open the app, click on the minimize icon again.

How to Change the Transparency of the Picture-in-Picture Window?

Step 1: When Picture in Picture mode is open, click on the transparency icon.

Step 2: Move the slider as you want to adjust the transparency.

How to Close Picture -in-Picture Window?

While viewing an app in Picture-in-Picture mode, click on the Close (×) button.

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