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How to Enable Floating Notifications on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Do you want to know how to make floating notifications in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G? You can use the floating notification feature without any complicated settings. When an email or message arrives it goes into the notification drawer. Floating instructions usually read it and develop a floating bubble or smart pop-up view. Default notification is set when you have a new phone, but then you can change its appearance. Floating notifications stay away from the work you are doing and can also be moved around the screen. Doing so on the stack fan makes it out so you can check the notification without leaving or disabling the app you are working on.

This post shows you how to enable floating notifications, disable floating notifications, and useful Samsung A52 settings.

How do I Use Floating Notifications on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

How to Enable Floating Notifications on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Step 1: Go into the Settings.

Step 2: Tap on Notification.

Step 3: Go down a little bit and tap on Advanced settings.

Step 4: Tap on Floating Notification.

Step 5: you will see 3 options.

  • Off
  • Bubbles
  • Smart pop-up view

Select one of the above three options.

Step 6: If you chose a smart pop-up view click on included appto select which apps will appear under this setting.

Step 7: Turn on the apps you would like to appear under, Smart pop-up view.

How to Turn Off Floating Notification on Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Go to Settings > Notification > Advanced Settings > Floating Notification > Choose the Off.

How to Enable Split-screen Mode in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Step 1: Tap on the Recent apps key.

Step 2: Tap on the desired app icon.

Step 3: Tap on Open in the split-the screen view.

Step 4: Find the other app and tap on the second app.

You will see both apps in split mode.

How to Disable Split-Screen Mode in Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

To exit split-screen, click and hold the center of the screen and drag it to the bottom of the screen to close split-screen multitasking.

How to Enable Dual Messenger on Samsung A52 5G

When enabling dual messenger or dual apps in your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, you can use two Facebook or WhatsApp or other social media accounts at the same time in your Samsung Galaxy device. Make sure the app supported the clone app feature to use it.

Step 1: Tap on Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Advanced features.

Step 3: Tap on Dual messenger.

You will see a list of supported apps.

Step 4: Turn on the App button to use the second account.

Step 5: Tap on Install.

Step 6: Tap on Confirm.

Step 7: Open the app tray and press on the Second app.

Step 8: Sign in and enjoy your second account.

If you disable it, just toggle off the app button remove the second app from your device.

Did you use this feature in your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G? Please comment on the comment box.