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How to Record Calls on Samsung Galaxy A71

Do you want to turn on auto record calls on galaxy A71 5G? Here’s how to record calls on Samsung Galaxy A71, A70, A51, A50, A41, and A31? You can enable call recording in Samsung A71 for all numbers/specific numbers, or all unknown callers. Some of the Samsung devices can’t find call recording options because of country regulations. Add the numbers you want to automatically record calls with.

How to Call Recording on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G/A51

How to Record Calls on Samsung Galaxy A71

Step 1: Open the “Phone app” on your Samsung Galaxy devices.

Step 2: Click on “Three vertical dots (More)” in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Touch “Settings”.

Step 4: Touch “Recording calls or Record calls”.

Step 5: Toggle on “Auto recording or Auto record calls”.

Step 6: Touch on “Auto recording”.

You can see below given three options.

All numbers: All phone calls record on your Samsung devices.

Unsaved numbers: All unknown number calls record if select this.

Selected numbers: Select the contacts you want to record phone calls from your phone list.

Step 7: Choose from the above-given options.

Also, enable or disable show notifications after the recording option on your devices.

How to Find Recorded Calls in Galaxy A71 5G/A70/A51/A50/A41/A40/A31/A30

You can find all recording calls in the phone gallery or call record settings.

Step 1: Open the app drawer and tap on “Phone app” on your Galaxy devices.

Step 2: Touch on “Three vertical dots (More)” at the top right corner.

Step 3: Touch on “Settings”.

Step 4: Touch on “Recording calls”.   

Step 5: Touch on “Recorded calls”.

Step 6: You can see all recorded phone calls here. Also, find it in your gallery.

How to Show or Hide Caller ID on Samsung A71 5G

Phone app > Three vertical dots > Settings > Caller ID and spam protection > Toggle on Block spam and scam calls > Select from Block all spam and scam calls or only block high-risk scam calls

Do you use the call recording feature in your Samsung Galaxy A71? If you have any kind of issue, tell us in below comment section.