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How to Setup Face Unlock on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Here’s how to enable face unlock on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro/Mi 10T Pro+. You can add your face to unlock your device using facial recognition biometric security. When you set up face unlock on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro+, make sure all parts of your face aren’t covered by objects and are clearly visible. Your face should be well-lit as well. Face unlock is less secure than a PIN, Password, or Pattern.

How to Use Face Unlock on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro/Mi 10T Pro Plus

How to SetUp Face Unlock on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Step 1: Pull down the notification tray with two fingers and click on the “Settings gear (Cog)” icon.

Step 2: Touch on “Passwords & security”.

Step 3: Touch the “Face unlock”.

You need to set up a screen lock from PIN, Password, or Pattern if didn’t set up.

Step 4: Enter the PIN or Password and touch the “Next”.

Step 5: Make sure your face clearly visible on the scan area. Wait until complete the process.

Note: Your device might be unlocked with your photo or people or objects with a similar appearance also unlock your phone.

How to Add New Face on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro/Mi 10T Pro+

Step 1: Open the app drawer and click on “Settings app”.

Step 2: Touch “Passwords & security”.

Step 3: Touch “Face unlock”.

Step 4: Touch on “Add face data”.

Step 5: Position your face on the scan icon on the screen until set to complete the process.

Lock your Xiaomi device and unlock the device with your facial recognition. You can enable or disable the below-given lock screen options for face unlock in your Xiaomi Mi devices.

Stay on lock screen after unlocking: Stay on the lock screen after your face is verified. Swipe up to open the home screen. Make sure to disable this option to directly unlock your phone when you stay on the screen.

Show notification details after verifying face data: Show only notification source when a device is locked and add notification details after face data is verified.

Allow face unlock when screen lights up: You can unlock the device using face data whenever the screen lights up for incoming notifications. This may drain the battery faster.

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How to Disable Face Unlock (Face data) on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro/Mi 10T Pro+

Step 1: Open the app drawer and click the “Settings app”.

Step 2: Click on “Passwords & security”.

Step 3: Click the “Face unlock”.

Step 4: Toggle off “Unlock using face data”.

You can’t unlock your device with face recognition. To use face unlock, toggle on it again.

Which biometric security do you use to unlock your Xiaomi Mi device? Tell us in below comment section.