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How to Enable High Performance Mode in OnePlus Nord 2

Today we show you how to enable high-performance mode in Oneplus Nord 2 5G/OnePlus Nord CE 5G/OnePlus Nord. High-performance mode indicates that it will provide higher performance to quickly open apps and better gaming.

What Happens in High-Performance Mode?

OnePlus’s high-performance mode will make your device run at high performance when you use your Smartphone. Turning high-performance mode on makes gaming, browsing, video streaming better and faster. After enabling high-performance mode, the meter sign will appear on the status bar.

How to Turn On OnePlus Nord 2 High Performance Mode

How to Enable High Performance Mode in OnePlus Nord 2

Step 1: Go into Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Battery.

Step 3: Tap on More Battery Settings.

Step 4: You will see the following features.

High-performance mode: By using this option system always operates in a high-performance mode but it will increase extra power consumption.

Optimize battery use: This feature automatically optimizes apps that are draining the battery in the background.

Sleep standby optimization: Your device consumers can reduce notifications when you are asleep.

Optimized night charging: To reduce battery aging, your device learns from your daily charging routine so it can control the charging speed at night and avoid overcharging.

Show battery percentage status Bar: By using this option you can see battery percentage on the status bather.

Step 5: Turn on High-Performance Mode.

Step 6: Click on OK.

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How do I Activate Power Saving Mode On OnePlus Nord 2 5G

Method 1:

Step 1: Select the Settings app.

Step 2: Touch on Battery.

Step 3: Tap on Power saving mode turnĀ it on.

Step 4: By tapping Power saving mode you can see two options.

  • Turn on automatically
  • Turn on at specified battery level

Step 5: Turn on anyone.

Method 2:

Pull down the center panel and click on power-saving mode to on/off.

Did you learn how to enable high-performance mode in OnePlusNord 2? Please tell us in below comment box. Stay and connect with us to know the updates of the Oneplus device.