How to Factory Reset OnePlus 8T

2 ways to factory reset on OnePlus 8T Oxygen OS. You can perform a factory reset or hard reset OnePlus 8T using phone settings or hardware buttons (Power & Volume). It will delete all your phone data including internal storage, photos & videos, downloaded apps, and more. You can reset your OnePlus 8T when facing issues like the black screen of death, unresponsive touch screen, etc.

How to Reset OnePlus 8T Oxygen OS

How to Factory Reset OnePlus 8T

Resetting your device will remove all settings and set default phone settings. Make sure to backup and restore your important data before factory resetting your OnePlus Smartphone.

How to Factory Reset OnePlus 8T Using Phone Settings

Step 1: Pull down the Notification panel from the top and click on the “Settings gear (Cog)” icon.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on “System”.

Step 3: Click on “Reset options”.

Step 4: Click on “Erase all data (Factory reset)”.

You can view the system data and enable erase internal storage if you want in your devices.

Step 5: Click on “Erase all data”.

Step 6: Touch on “Erase all data” again.

Wait until resetting your OnePlus device.

How to Reset to Factory Mode Using Hardware Buttons

Step 1: Press the Power button on your OnePlus 8T.

Step 2: Touch the Power button.

Step 3: Click on Power off.

Step 4:Long press the Power button & volume down button” until the OnePlus logo appears on the screen.

Step 5: Enter your “PIN or Password” and touch on “OK”.

You can see decrypting your OnePlus device.

Step 6: Select “Language”.

Step 7: Click on “Wipe data and cache”.

Step 8: Touch on “Erase everything (Music, Pic, etc)”.

Step 9: Click on “Erase all”.

Step 10: Click on “Reboot”.

Have you ever need to factory reset your OnePlus 8T? Which method worked for you? Tell us in below comment section.

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